LCC Large Turbine Generator Set Field Balancing Services

The following services are offered for LARGE turbine generator sets, including tandem compound steam turbines, cross compound steam turbines, and large combustion turbine generation units.

On-Site Field Balancing

Popular balancing training methods taught by TSI/TSE supply companies that work on small machinery leave users ill-equipped to solve field balancing solutions on large journal bearing machines. This is evident by the poor field balancing success of the TSI/TSE when applied to large units, often taking eight or more moves without a solution.LCC utilizes proven OEM turbine balance methods (multi-plane vector solution) for low move counts and rapid return of units to service.What you donít need is your unit shut down multiple times for balance attempts, the turbine vibration unimproved, and a thick report handed to you full of plots and excuses along with an accompanying large invoice.While it is true that not all turbine vibration is due to imbalance, there are clear analysis methods to determine vibration cause before wasting multiple attempts.

LCC can provide temporary instrumentation (we design and build our own) or use on-site equipment subject to data integrity review. We can also arrive quickly on an emergency basis and we will work in conjunction with others who may have been having difficulty in balancing your turbine. Perhaps youíve seen the office supply firmís TV commercial where the barber advertises "We fix $6 haircuts".

Are you stuck in a cycle of ineffective balance moves which are trying your patience and evaporating your budget?Are you tired of bizarre explanations of exotic vibration phenomena on your T-G?Are you being told that your turbines cannot be balanced as-is and require expensive shop rebuilds? Then itís time to call LCC.As an independent LCC has no other agenda than to return your unit to proper service.

Fees are based upon travel time and expenses, work hours, and equipment rental. This service is available world wide subject to US travel restrictions. For a quotation call us at 262-542-9061 or email

Zero Cost Initial Vibration Problem Initial Analysis

Most, but not all turbine generator set vibration is due to unbalance. Sometimes other factors cause rotor instability and must be corrected prior to even attempting balance weight corrections. LCC has simple, easy to use procedures for determining whether a unitís problem is best addressed by balancing or not. This evaluation can often be performed on the balance run data from previous unsuccessful attempts. In these situations data may be faxed or e-mailed to LCC for a quick second opinion at zero cost. After reviewing our opinion you can decide to keep us working on the problem at normal charge rates or tackle the job yourselfÖ no strings attached.

Post-Repair Blade Moment Balancing

If a large turbine rotor requires full blade row replacements, having the blades moment-weighed and radially distributed for minimum introduced unbalance can save subsequent in place balance runs and generation time. LCC provides this service bringing digital balance beam scales and mass vectoring programs to minimize final upset.

Weight Map History Management

When a turbine generator set requires in-place balancing to reduce operating vibration levels, the time required to enact the balance weight move is usually directly lost generation (unless something else thatís critical in the plant needs repair).It makes sense to do as much as possible to expedite work tasks to minimize balance weight correction time.One way to do this, and a method recommended by LCC, is to maintain records of turbine balance weight planes including weight locations, hole numbers, mass, occupancy remove ability, phase reference to shaft, and moment diameter.

Equipped with full prior knowledge of balance planes the planning and execution of weight corrections can be performed much faster with far greater accuracy than waiting until the access plug is removed to view hole occupancy.

LCC can provide rotor weight plane inspections and set up Weight Map History Data files for turbines during major inspections. Just call us in a few days when the rotors are open. This small investment can save hours of generation time when a balance is needed.

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