Naval Turbine Governors

Lovejoy Controls Corporation has designed, tested, and manufactured the most modern and advanced small turbine speed governor system in the world for shipboard service on United States Navy vessels.

The LCC NavGov 900 Naval Turbine Governor fulfills the rigorous military specifications and qualification criteria for the nuclear Navy steam turbine control applications.  The NavGov 900 is sold for military applications only and only to qualified buyers.  An unrestricted commercial version of the NavGov 900, the TEG-5, is available for non-military steam turbine control including commercial nuclear plant Auxiliary Feed Water Pump Turbines, RICS, LPSI, and HPSI turbine control.  See [link] for TEG-5 details.



NavGov 900 Brief Overview

Hardware Features:

    Small Footprint Self-Contained Stainless Steel Enclosure Houses Governor, Servo Drive, and Operator panel

    Thermo-Electric Cooling Extends Electronics Life in Harsh Environment

    Breathable, Desiccant Filter Path Maintains Internal Non-Condensing Electronics Environment

   Parallel Processor Dedicated Microcomputer Governor

   DSP Dedicated Vector Servo Drive

   Operates Roller Screw Electric Actuator Directly for Steam Admission Valve Control

   Redundant Dual Speed Probe Feedback


Firmware Features:

   Quality Assurance Firmware Development

   Integrated Actuator Position and Governor Speed Control Loops

   Auto Ramp Start Up



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