Series 2 Euro Generation Turbine Control System

    The LCC Series 2 Euro Generation Small Turbine Control System is a specially configured Governor package designed to meet the demanding criteria of technically regulated power grids such as required by the United Kingdom's National Grid Code.  Essentially, these criteria include additional built-in testing platforms for proving that the installed systems meet grid control specifications.  These requirements are spreading throughout the EU and are being considered in other regional areas as well to promote power grid reliability and harden power systems to successfully recover from likely load transients.

Series 2 Euro Control Rack, Front View

Series 2 Euro Control Rack, Rear View

Series 2 Euro Electric Actuator Drive for Governor Valves

Series 2 Euro Governor with Operator Control Station and Model 470 2-of-3 Digital Speed Monitor



    LCC's Series 2 Euro Governor is configured with the most popular options for retrofits plus details in design and construction to minimize installation time and expense.  Series 2 Euro features in the standard package include the following control options:

(1)    DCS (Distributed Control System) Interface

        This is a serial interface (ModBus RTU or Ethernet) which slaves the Series 2 Euro to execute commands and exchange operating data with popular Distributed Control Systems.  Existing DCS workstations have control graphics screens added to permit operators to fully control turbines.  This is a popular improvement which adds to control room consolidation plans and lightens operator work loads to support older stand-alone turbine controls.  LCC supports DCS Interface design in two levels of options.  For implementation, a protocol transfer is designed with each screen target and data display assigned a system data point.  The serial interface refreshes the data, providing new commands to the Governor and new data to the DCS.  The Series 2 Euro Alarm Messages and diagnostic data are further supplied the DCS and are easily incorporated into integrated alarm systems.  LCC supports all aspects of the interface, including DCS control screen development if desired.  However, plants with in-house DCS screen development capabilities may also perform this task accessing the LCC protocol documentation.

        Plants having made the expenditure to install a DCS system should implement it over as much of the plant subsystems as feasible.  LCC makes the addition of the turbine controls to the DCS workstations simple and very cost effective.

(2)    Local Operator Control Station (LOCS)

    A local control panel may serve several valuable functions.  For installations primarily using a DCS Interface, the LOCS serves as a backup panel in the event that a DCS problem temporarily hinders workstation use. Also, the LOCS serves as a good maintenance panel for exercising valves and performing calibrations during shutdown periods and when the DCS may be subject to outage maintenance.  The Series 2 LOCS consists of a tactile pushbutton switch matrix membrane panel and a blue fluorescent display screen.

(3)    Up to Four (4) Independent Valve Train Controls

    Designed for smaller turbine generator sets (see LCC 200-Series for Large Turbine applications), the Series 2 Euro supports up to four (4) independently positioned valve sets.  Each valve set may be multiple valves but must be positioned by a common operator.  Typical small turbine arrangements possible are:

                    Two Throttle and Two Governor Valve Sets

                    One Throttle, One Governor, and Two Extraction Valve Sets

                    Two Governor and Two Extraction Valve Sets.

    The Series 2 Euro may operate on small turbine with manual Throttle Valves in which Governor Valve control begins after manually operated Throttle Valves bring turbines to pre-synchronization speeds.  Conversely, the Series 2 Euro may provide ramp and regulation to automate a throttle valve start up.

    LCC highly recommends that original equipment Hydraulic Servomotor style valve operators be replaced with Electric Actuators.  For a detailed discussion of the logic and merits of changing to Electric Actuators please see the LCC web documents [                          ] and [                         ].  The Series 2 Euro is designed to utilize the performance advantages of Electric Actuator valve control and to provide the added diagnostic surveillance capabilities to monitor Electric Actuators in operation.  However, the Series 2 Euro may also position older technology low pressure or high pressure hydraulic valve actuators.

(4)    Advanced Turbine Control Options

    Depending upon the application, these options ease the turbine control task and relieve operators of tedious manual adjustments:

                 Automatic Synchronization Device Interface... digital inputs to Series 2 Euro steer speed for automatic synchronization

                 Turbine-Follow-Boiler (Impulse Pressure) Control Mode... boiler pressure determines turbine load setpoint

                 Automatic Extraction Pressure Control...  replaces older hydraulic compensators

                 Frequency Sensitive and Frequency Insensitive Regulation Modes... choice of operating regulations

                 Load Drop Anticipator... sensor inputs induce pre-emptive runback to minimize turbine over-speed excursions

                 Start Up Stress Monitor Interface... digital inputs restrict or relax startup acceleration rates.

                 Local Grid Island Isochronous Control (Grid Frequency Trim)...  temporary use of governor for frequency trim

                Steam Process Excursion Runbacks...  pre-emptive governor actions to mitigate steam plant upsets

(5)    Grid Test Compliance Options

    Local grid compliance is assured, avoiding costly special efficacy tests.

                   Grid Test Frequency Steering External Voltage Input...  permits simple on-line validation tests

                   Variable Regulation vs. Error...  permits variable unit response with grid frequency error

                   Variable Center Frequency Assignment...  allows re-centering for long term frequency offset operation


Package Size

    The Series 2 Euro is mounted with supporting equipment in a single standard electrical cabinet measuring 24-inches of 19-inch rack space which may be optionally air conditioned when located in high temperature areas.


Applicable Turbines



General Electric Generation Turbines
General Electric Boiler Feed Pump Turbines
General Electric Reactor Feed Pump Turbines
General Electric Mechanical Drive Turbines

Seimens Generation Turbines (including NEW UK/EU Grid Specifications)
Seimens Boiler Feed Pump Turbines
Seimens Mechanical Drive Turbines

Westinghouse Generation Turbines
Westinghouse Boiler Feed Pump Turbines
Westinghouse Steam Generator Feed Pump Turbines
Westinghouse Mechanical Drive Turbines
Westinghouse (Sunnyvale) Marine Turbines

Alstom Generation Turbines (including NEW UK/EU Grid Specifications)
Alstom Feed Pump Turbines
Alstom Mechanical Drive Turbines

Parsons Generation Turbines (including NEW UK/EU Grid Specifications)
Parsons Feed Pump Turbines
Parsons Mechanical Drive Turbines

English Electric Generation Turbines (including NEW UK/EU Grid Specifications)
English Electric Feed Pump Turbines
English Electric Mechanical Drive Turbines

Franco Tosi Generation Turbines (including NEW UK/EU Grid Specifications)
Franco Tosi Feed Pump Turbines
Franco Tosi Mechanical Drive Turbines

ABB, ASEA BBC Generation Turbines (including NEW UK/EU Grid Specifications)
ABB, ASEA BBC Feed Pump Turbines
ABB, ASEA BBC Mechanical Drive Turbines

MAN Generation Turbines (including NEW UK/EU Grid Specifications)
MAN Feed Pump Turbines
MAN Mechanical Drive Turbines

Mitsuibishi Generation Turbines
Mitsuibishi Feed Pump Turbines
Mitsuibishi Mechanical Drive Turbines

Dresser Rand (Terry) Marine Turbines
Dresser Rand (Terry) Nuclear Safety Related Pump Turbines
Dresser Rand (Terry) Commercial Mechanical Drive Turbines
Dresser Rand (Murray) Commercial Mechanical Drive Turbines

DeLaval Generation Turbines
DeLaval Feed Pump Turbines
DeLaval Mechanical Drive Turbines

Deepankuram Generation Turbines

Elliot Generation Turbines
Elliot Mechanical Drive Turbines
Elliot Marine Turbines

Turbodyne Generation Turbines
Turbodyne Mechanical Drive Turbines

Allis Chalmers Generation Turbines
Allis Chalmers Mechanical Drive Turbines

Ansaldo Generation Turbines (including NEW UK/EU Grid Specifications)
Ansaldo Mechanical Drive Turbines

Hyundai Generation Turbines
Hyundai Mechanical Drive Turbines

Skoda Generation Turbines
Skoda Mechanical Drive Turbines



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