Main Feedwater Pump Turbine Controls Mechanical Service

While the best bet is to replace the original MH or EHC operators with the new technology Electric Actuators, many users of the older hardware need to fight their way through several outages before budgets can include the upgrades. Sadly, OEM technical support capabilities have deteriorated to the point that make you feel that you're on your own.  At Lovejoy Controls we understand this hardship and we're ready to help keep the old systems running and off your problem equipment list. We have over thirty years experience solving Westinghouse, GE, and Delaval MFPT control problems and startup delaying issues. We also have modern diagnostic equipment such as the SNITCH which provides active tests of hydraulic servomotors and pinpoints components in need of maintenance. Typical services we can perform are:

Investigate and Solve Immediate Problems:
    Speed Control Oscillations
    Hydraulic Operator Oscillations
    Valve Operator Stroke Limitations
    Response Lag
    Oil Contamination Problems

Plan a Full Outage Work Package and Procedure Including:
    Servomotor Inspections (pilot, pilot sleeve, linkages, pivot bushings, operating cylinder, rod bushings, SNITCH testing)
    Valve Rack Inspections (lifts, valve seats, balance pistons, bushings)
    Design an Effective Oil Flush (blanking, time, temperature, strainer locations)
    Set Thrust Bearing (surface ground spacers only, no shims!)
    Align Turbine/Pump (parallelism and concentricity to industry standards accounting pipe loads and heat up)
    Control System Component Maintenance (speed changers, E/H Converters, filters, accumulators)

Whether an emergency need or an outage work need, LCC is the place to call for solutions to MFPT control problems.